the people behind digital vinyl

behind this blog are the eloquent and always optimistic people of mec communication. based in copenhagen (and aarhus) our vision is quite plainly to set the agenda for comms planning in the nordics. our mission is to develop brilliant and measurable strategic ideas and activations that drive clients´ business objectives and sales based on strong real insights and exploiting our cutting edge knowledge about new and old media channels. wow eh… we have core values such as “rock n’ roll”, which insidently is the passion and favorite pass time of one of the founding fathers – kristian baek and the favorite skateboard trick of the other – lars samuelsen (although it is very doubtful that he really pulls it off as gracefully as he boasts).

Kristian Baek

the comms business in the nordics need a huge shot of rock n’ roll and that’s what we intend to give it. “cohones” is another another value which lies close to our hearts. physically of course they are located further south. we are owned by a media company. and if there is one thing the media business needs it is a bit of balls. these values are paired with “structure” and “accountability”, which we see as some of the most important qualities our ideas must contain – along with stellar creativity, sexiness and differentiation. pretty cool eh… well we think so, but then again we get a bit nerdy when it comes to these things.

other contributors to the blog are insight planner and guru iben larsen, comms planner extraordinaire katrine graugaard, mr. christian hermansen and digital business development director (nice title) Anders Hoegh Laursen. the newly married katrine goldstein blogs about comms and mobile marketing, which is an area of special interest. another katrine – thuesen is currently doing some interesting research in the field of branded utilities, so expect some more posts on this topic.

Iben LarsenChristian HermansenAnders Hoegh LaursenKatrine Graugaard

all good people…

there are a few good people, who no longer are among the digital jedis of this blog, but have contributed substantially in the past. ms. annette flinck, ms. stine darby and mr. jakob mikkelsen. greatly missed alumni… and as of the summer 2008, the traitor (and poor skater) lars has left the company and is now in the pursuit of happiness as the managing director of a competing company. we wish him all the best, natch.

Annette FlinckStine DarbyLars Samuelsen