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Style Avatars – H&M rocks online retail

In the mood for offline shopping

In the mood for offline shopping

Let me present My Virtual Model!

I 2007, online clothing sales climbed to the top of the With a 18.3 to 17.2 billion dollars score, Clothing even beat the old champ, Hardware and Software. Have a quick look at what’s going on in the online retail marketing field:

The pro’s and con’s of online clothes shopping seem clear: Consumers are driven by the low prices and the freedom of doing your shopping when you have the time to do it. At night, when your children have gone to bed and all the stores are closed, you can do you shopping.

So what are the barriers? Personally, I can think of three reasons for why I’m not buying clothes online. First of all, I have a hard time imagining how the clothes would look on me and how it would go with the rest of my wardrobe. Secondly, I’d be afraid to order sizes that don’t fit me. And thirdly, I’d miss the shopping experience of browsing stores.

In helping to overcome all three barriers, My Virtual Model seems like a great tool. It’s a virtual model of yourself, that you can dress with clothes from the cooperating retailers such as H&M, Addidas and Land’s End.

Id like to have shown you my own My Virtual model, but this blog has a hard time uploading my pictures, grrr!

I'd like to have shown you my own My Virtual model, but this blog has a hard time uploading my pictures, grrr!

Pro’s? Well, My Virtual model is highly adjustable. You can change more than 20 parameters from body shape and shoulder width to eye color and beard style. And, to perfect the illusion, you can even add your own face to your avatar. This helps me overcome the first two barriers, since it helps me imagine how I’d look wearing the clothes, and if it would fit me. And it gives me a real shopping feel.

It’s definately the best shopping avatar I’ve seen. I’d wish some more brands would join – maybe even giving me the opportunity of dressing My Virtual Model in Cheap Monday jeans, an Acne t-shirt and an H&M coat. If that would really happen, I know what I’d do:


// Jakob

10 Responses to “Style Avatars – H&M rocks online retail”

  1. Frank Holmstrup Says:


    Have just seen ‘my vitual model’ and would like to know a little more about it, as my wife and her partner want to develop their web-site into a more active on-line shopping site for all kinf of woman’s clothing.


  2. cvetidushi Says:

    Me to like move of your thoughts

  3. Shawn Jooste Says:

    The tale of 2 books…

    A book I read many years ago landed up on my desk a few weeks ago, and subsequently I’m re-reading it. Written by Michael Gerber it’s the E-Myth. This book as sold millions of copies world wide, and as a side effect many an employee has bee…

  4. Dot Com Coupon Store Says:

    This is a nice shopping concept. Customers can try online before they buy.

    This is a leading way to “Mass customization” – “producing goods and services to meet individual customer’s needs with near mass production efficiency”.

    Still there are things like Touch & Feel which are coming in between which needs to be considered.

  5. Brett Hayes Says:

    Not bad, I passed this on to a comrade of mine, and he actually bought me lunch because I found this for him, so let me rephrase: Thanks for lunch.

  6. H&M online Says:

    [...] ima [...]

  7. Amelia Thomas Says:

    i love Online shopping because it is so convenient and it is just one click away.~:~

  8. Morgan Palmer Says:

    online shopping is very exciting because you do not need to go on a shopping store to purchase items.`’”

  9. Theo Shaw Says:

    i love to do both online shopping and online window shopping for goods and other stuffs ;-”

  10. Wholesaler Says:

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