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Lexus NFC integration in Wired Magazine

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Saw this a while back. I like it for the cool implementation of tech in an ad format. It won’t really be useful until more phones have NFC though. But good effort and kudos for breaking new ground to Lexus and Wired.

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Opening Ceremony NYC

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Yep,  I’m in New York. And yep, it is wonderful. And not to brag but the weather is like 22 degrees, so it is kind of an indian summer. Later today, I will be meeting with some people working with consumer insights across the Bric countries. I will let you more in on that project some time soon.

For now I just want to show my  favourite shop Opening Ceremony. It is like a treasure trove – a very expensive one though. Anyway their shoe department has this  way of welcoming people with great lyrics from the Doors:

/ iben

Why Starbucks is a success on social media and what the rest of us can learn from this…

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Yesterday, social media people from around the Danish kingdom gathered in our capital to get a taste of how the big guys from the land that gave us facebook and twitter brew their social media coffee. For two solid hours Matthew Guiste, Director of Global Social Media, Starbucks (US), showed us how you go from dating to having an actual relationship with your customers. With “My Starbucks Idea”, (, the company has taken user engagement to a new level and proven that asking your customers can lead to great product innovation, proud employees and most importantly devoted customers.

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This particular case is only one of several great initiatives from the coffeemaker who also had brand lovers from 156 countries singing all time Beatles favorite “All You Need Is Love” simultaneously online – check out the noticeably weird Danish contribution 2 min. into the video, which apparently the most views of all the countries:
YouTube Preview Image
However, the big question yesterday was obviously how they’d managed to actually do this. Why do these initiatives become a success? How do you attract and keep 13.928.404 users on your facebook page? What is that secret recipe to actually making social media a brand success? We have books, blogs and newsletters full of pointers and checklists but everybody knows that it’s not enough. What I got from the seminar yesterday was this: A great idea is a good start, almost vital, however the real reason that Starbuck is a success on these platforms is because the entire organization wants this and that this desire to succeed is reflected in the resources allocated to every project. One example is the 40 employees from across the organization that spends 2 hours each week answering suggestions from users on “My Starbucks ideas”. Even more impressing, if it’s decided that an idea is good enough to carry out, the organization is actually able to get things rolling.

Most Danish marketers would immediately dismiss integrating a similar concept, due to lack of resources, i.e. money. This is a shame for two reasons: firstly, the monetary benefit of having loyal and active users is never really discussed or compared to the amount of money spent on paid online advertising. Secondly, companies often fail to accept that “resources” is also about getting management and employees involved and engaged, so that the voice of the company on either facebook or other platforms really is the lady in the counter or that guy in production, which makes the job very hard for marketing to carry out all on their own. So summing up, social media is mainly about two things: getting a great idea and  all round internal commitment!


Mad Men Yourself

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

It’s probably old news but like many others I’m into Mad Men so I just couldn’t help to madmen myself:

Try it -  Madmen yourself!


Booty Reader

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

This is hillarious and actually rather smart. It a small digital utility from Old Navy. It reads your ass and recommends what type of jeans you should go for – down to the label of Old Navy of course. Very cool. My booty sign is Posteriourious, which means jeans with stretch for that ass. Thanks to Martin from Plant for the heads up. Try it out.

Old Navy Booty Reader


Black City Totem – Innovative packaging for Mathew Dear

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Hey – The good mr. Andreas Møller just diverted my attention to this article on Very cool.

Quote Coolhunting: “For the release of Matthew Dear’s latest album, Black City, his label decided to take a slightly more inventive approach to packaging. Teaming up with award-winning design firm BoymGhostly International will release an ominous-looking totem, inscribed with a unique four-character code that accesses a download and stream of the full digital album, as well as an exclusive track.

The Black City mini-sculptures, described as “skyscrapers that might populate Dear’s creeping, nameless city,” references the Boym Buildings of Disaster, a series that darkly riffs on the object-history of architecture. Known for their clever takes on everyday objects, by leaving the surface of the hand-cast aluminum totem almost completely blank, the designers leave the real meaning up to its owner.”


Against Landmines

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Cool little idea I saw on the Bessermachen blog. Simple media creative campaign against landmines.