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iPad revealed by Mr. Jobs

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

So it was the Apple Table or iPad as they chose to call it. I must admit it looks pretty cool. Its supposed to be the holder of apps, videos, photos and books. I predict that it will at least revolutionize the book market 500%. Fuck Kindle and all the other crappy digi-book readers. This is the ticket. Its supposed to be excellent for surfing the net and reading and writing emails also… We’ll see. I have few reservations or doubts when it comes to Apple living up to expectations these days. Good to see Steve back in good health too.

YouTube Preview Image

Watch the full product presentation here:


Balance Your Media Diet

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

We all try to consume healthy food coming from all the layers in the food parymid because it keeps our bodies fit, our minds sharp and it all ads up to what we call quality of life.

The same could be said about the consumption of media. Now, Wired have created a pyramid for optimal media health based on an average American (more than 18 yrs old) who spends roughly nine hours per day on media.

Bon appetit!


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BooneOakley – innovative Youtube website

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Howdy yall

We all know about this functionality – adding buttons and links in Youtube films. But I still think that this is a pretty clever way of creating your website – pure Youtube.

YouTube Preview Image

Of course others have also done cool and different websites – Crispin Porter with their Social media integration – CPB . And the Danish Agency WDP, who have done their full Google integration.

Good job.


Everything is fake

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Well as you may know I’m in the midst of writing a book on how Branding is affected by all the new technologies, specifically social media and Branded Utility. In this process I have, to my great pleasure revisited som of the old Post Modern writers. WOW. They just saw all this 30 years ago. A guy like Baudrillard talks about how everything becomes reproductions or fakes of the original which no longer exists because of the mass media reproduction and redefinition of cultural and social symbols. In my mind this really echoes everything from peer-to-peer file sharing to look-a-like goths or other sub/pop cultures to the state of music to advertising, social media, viral comms, etc. It’s all happening:-)

Please read Simulacra and Simulation if you have not already – Its really worth a read.


Branded Utility – it’s coming to gitya

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Just finished the first of two seminars we are hosting on Branded Utility. It went very well. The audience seemed to be very interested in the phenomenon which is certainly good news for us marketers. It is my plan to publish a book on this topic this year – it will have a slightly grander scope and will be called “Branding 2.0″  Basically it is about who you Brand in the new media context, how you relate to and utilize user generated innovation and content, branded communities and utilities, social media as well as the more classic branding disciplines. It is in the making and it should be quite interesting. The first edition will be in Danish. But who knows maybe well do an English version also (or Chinese). Iben Larsen thought it would be funny gimmick too use Google Translate – a utility – to translate a book on branded utilities – and then live with the flaws of course. Then we could say translated into more than 20 languages.


Insidentally this blogpost looks like this in chinese – not bad at all:

刚 刚结束的第一次举办的两次研讨会,我们的主机品牌效用。它接着很好。观众似乎很感兴趣的现象,无疑是好消息,我们营销人员。这是我的计划出版一本书就这一 主题,今年-这将有小幅宏大范围和将被称为“品牌2.0 ”基本上这是谁你的品牌在新媒体方面,你如何与用户产生和利用创新和内容,品牌社区和公用事业,社会媒体以及更经典的品牌学科。这是在决策和应该很有趣。 第一版将在丹麦。但谁知道这样做也许以及英文版也(或中文) 。 Iben拉森认为这很有趣噱头也使用谷歌翻译-一种实用工具-翻译一本关于品牌公用事业-然后一起生活的缺陷课程。然后我们可以说翻译成20种以上语言。


Augmented Reality – 3D rocks…

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Hey all – just saw this. It looks really cool. A way of combining video technology with what looks like QR codes to create holographic images on your computer og mobile phone…

Basically you scan a code and a setting with your phone/computer webcam and it produces the hologram. Trés cool. But I guess the commercial application is still a bit off until we have the QR or AR readers…


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

Props to Frank Striefler fra TBWA/Media Arts Lab for guiding our attention to this new technology.


Predictions for 2009 – utilities, socialism, totalitarianism and convergence

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Hey all

happy new years. Hope everyone had a great 08 and hopefully 09 wont be as bad as they say. I have a few predictions.

1) The rise of the branded Utility - I know I have been talking a lot about Branded Utilities already here on digital vinyl. And I will continue to do so. Over the past few years we have seen some examples of great utilities being created. We here at MEC in Copenhagen have ourselves created a running-GPS-tracker for Sony Ericssons Walkman phones – specifically for the Caroline Wozniacki phone w760i – MyTracks . We will see much more of this. This is the future of advertising.

We are currently working an a research project about this very phenomenon. We will definately keep you posted as we proceed.

2) Social Communities… - I know this is boring as shit. But we have really been fucking around with these so far. In 2009 I think that the advertisers will really embrace this and become better at commercialising the social media. Again we have created a great little facebook application for Sony Ericssons C905 camera phone. Which incidentally was a great success – because it was simple and thought through. Check it out: Photo Battle.

3) Convergence - another piece of old news. Again I think that we have talked about this for some time but reality has lacked behind. Next year we will see the different media themselves drive the convergence between media. This is what has lacked previously. At least in western Europe. On an academic and technological level the convergence has been possible, but the old media have been afraid. Now they will see online and other technological possibilities as their rescue plank. That will get things moving.

4) The Full Service Agency is back - Partially powered by this media convergence and also partially by the fact that contextual communication, social media and Branded Utilities are becoming more important we will see a new (or is it old) type of agency. The agency which can consult on comms strategy, can place media, perform creative work and implement online, offline, do events, etc. etc. The full service, integrated agency is back folks it is a matter of time.

My background is branding and afvertising. Today I’m a comms planner in a media (Comms) agency. We have started they journey into events, sponsorships, content and online development. It is a matter of time, and Sir Martin’s blessing, before the step is followed through into old school creative disciplines, such as copy writing and art direction. The next step again is publishing, AV production, etc. That will be a few more years I think.

There you have it folks. We’ll see how it all holds up in about a years time.


Web 3.0 – it’s all about craftsmanship

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

‘Web 2.0 is the longest suicide note in the history of media’
- those were the words from Ben Hammersley, the Associate Editor of Wired Magazine.

Hammersley ended day I with a packed auditorium. Although he welcomed us, the audience, by saying that we were the best looking audience ever, the praising didn’t help him much when people reacted pretty heated on his presentation in which he warned us not to give old media away to new media.

Today everybody thinks that they need to turn everything into a facebook application. Hammersley sees Web 3.0 as a movement from the web and the technology focusing on the craftmanship that the business already possesses instead rather than letting the users decide the level of quality and ambition. The media business has existed for a long time and has a lot of inherent skills which web 3.0 in Hammersley’s optic will be all about.

‘Why have we forcibly amateurized ourselves?! No other industry has ever done that’, said Hamemrsley causing a reaction of people accusing him of not getting web 2.0 at all and even selling out of his own ideals! The reaction from the audience was calling Hammersley’s point of view for ‘elitist bollock’.

‘To me web 2.0 is just a toolbox we can use to allow people to share, contribute and be part of the conversation’ said one of the audiences. The heated discussion could have continued for hours but as Hammersley himself stated the format of a session doesn’t allow shades of grey. Hopefully this session though will continue both IRL and online thanks to web 2.0 whether or not it’s sooooo last season.


The Rising Power of Computer Games – Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Tiger and everyone else

Friday, September 5th, 2008

The 80′s are back – everyone is gaming again. Although the Commodore 64, complete with Tapedeck and floppy disks has been repolaced by Nintendo Wiii.

Just a short comment on all the talk of the new game launches from Guitar Hero 4 to Rock Band 2 to Tiger Woods 08, etc. There seem to be an increasing interest and focus on these games from a broader audience. I guess the interaction of Nintendo Wiii has made gaming less nerdy and “boys only”. Girls are playing Guitar Hero and bowling and everything else. This has really been a blue ocean, game changer kind of thing.

Mega Rock Bands sucha s G’n'R, ACDC, Aerosmith, Metallica are using the new game launches to launch new Music. The Danish ban The Raveonettes also used a game to help their international break back in the early days of the millenium. This is really a force to be reconned with as different mediums and categories merge – music, games, film, sports.

The launch of the the new Tiger Woods game is a great example of this. I read that the game is supposed to be excellent – better than last years where the gameplay was confusing and too hard. There is however a glitch in one of the levels, where apparently virtual Tiger is capable of walking on water…ultra nerdy coders/gamers figured this out.

Now what do a smart game developer do – retract the game and apologize, costing a fortune…no EA Sports produce a viral clip of Tiger actually walking on water, elevating him even further to messianic status…Tiger was a sailor when he walkend upon the water, and when he knew for certain only drowning men could see him, he said… Thanks to Leonard Cohen…sorry

Check out the clip.

The issue from my point of view – being a Nordic Comms Planner is how to commercialise as ever. Before we have more local game titles with mass appeal, the list of potential clients doing the in-game advertising thing will be short and limited to the big multinationals…we’ll see what happens.