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Status update on the state of the Internet

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Just saw this from The Oatmeal… You should subscribe to that.

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It is funny!

Check out the whole…strip? Right here: State of the Web.

Thanks to Willer for the tweet.


Red Bull – 3D projection…

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

…mixed with some pretty good skiiers = very cool set-up.

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Why Starbucks is a success on social media and what the rest of us can learn from this…

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Yesterday, social media people from around the Danish kingdom gathered in our capital to get a taste of how the big guys from the land that gave us facebook and twitter brew their social media coffee. For two solid hours Matthew Guiste, Director of Global Social Media, Starbucks (US), showed us how you go from dating to having an actual relationship with your customers. With “My Starbucks Idea”, (, the company has taken user engagement to a new level and proven that asking your customers can lead to great product innovation, proud employees and most importantly devoted customers.

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This particular case is only one of several great initiatives from the coffeemaker who also had brand lovers from 156 countries singing all time Beatles favorite “All You Need Is Love” simultaneously online – check out the noticeably weird Danish contribution 2 min. into the video, which apparently the most views of all the countries:
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However, the big question yesterday was obviously how they’d managed to actually do this. Why do these initiatives become a success? How do you attract and keep 13.928.404 users on your facebook page? What is that secret recipe to actually making social media a brand success? We have books, blogs and newsletters full of pointers and checklists but everybody knows that it’s not enough. What I got from the seminar yesterday was this: A great idea is a good start, almost vital, however the real reason that Starbuck is a success on these platforms is because the entire organization wants this and that this desire to succeed is reflected in the resources allocated to every project. One example is the 40 employees from across the organization that spends 2 hours each week answering suggestions from users on “My Starbucks ideas”. Even more impressing, if it’s decided that an idea is good enough to carry out, the organization is actually able to get things rolling.

Most Danish marketers would immediately dismiss integrating a similar concept, due to lack of resources, i.e. money. This is a shame for two reasons: firstly, the monetary benefit of having loyal and active users is never really discussed or compared to the amount of money spent on paid online advertising. Secondly, companies often fail to accept that “resources” is also about getting management and employees involved and engaged, so that the voice of the company on either facebook or other platforms really is the lady in the counter or that guy in production, which makes the job very hard for marketing to carry out all on their own. So summing up, social media is mainly about two things: getting a great idea and  all round internal commitment!


Contagious stuff

Monday, August 23rd, 2010
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I really want one…!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

… that is an iPad of course! Watching this film about Alice in Wonderland on iPad makes me crave even more… it shows how Apple add new life to an old fairytale utilising the iPad-tech to enrich the experience.


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A Hunch!

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

In the future more and more important services/sites will be aggregations of content such as Huffington Post. Services, based on the user’s own preferences either because the user seeks them out herself or based on bespoke content tailored to each person’s taste.

Now, Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake has developed a new site called Hunch which provides customized recommendations. Hunch proposes a concrete and customized recommendation for all kind of topics and refines its results by asking you questions about both the topic itself and who you are.

Increasingly, the Hunch technology will  learn the individual user’s personality and preferences like a friend who over time will get to know your taste, so she can provide trusted advice.

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Copenhipster – who’s behind?

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Yesterday some friends mentioned this blog  Copenhipster – I don’t know what to think… is it too much to make fun of certain artists, designers and others who actually add to cultural life or is it fun and okay? Mainly because it’s not Vibskov and the rest of the crowd they are making fun of, instead who is really being ridiculed are all the laggards including me who follow a few in terms of fashion, likes etc. but still feel oh so individualistic?

And why is the person/people behind staying anonymous?  It’s pretty clear when you read the blog that it is someone who knows the socalled hipster crowd, someone who go to the same clubs, bars, places, If not, this person must have serious stalker issues… my friends were split too: Some of them thought of the blog as an expression of an envious outsider. Others felt amused eventhough they or some of their friends were also exposed.

One thought: What if it is actually a commercial company who is behind just proving how they are able to tap into a certain crowd, then they’re goooooooood – they certainly managed to become the talk of the town at the dinner yesterday!

From the blog:

Playboy in 3D

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Just read on that Playboy will launch a 3D version of the magazine for the June issue.

This makes perfect sense. Nothing needs the 3D experience more than porn or whatever you call Playboy. The first 3D model will be Hope Dworaczyk. This is she:

I wonder how they will make the 3D experience come alive – with augmented reality on the mobile phone or with the funny glasses or maybe the old plastic holograms – all solid solutions. I kinda hope they go for the plastic. I just found an old magazine from 2001 with one of those glued in with Helena Christensen – I had to keep that for sentimental purposes:-) Does anyone know how they’ll doit?



Friday, April 9th, 2010

The digital world is officially taking over… very cool clip.

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Thanks to Lachlan for the heads up.


Movie trailers are soo last century – Valhalla Rising

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

Nicolas Refn did something…well quite funny in promoting his new movie. He’s made three trailers for the Youtube channel where people / target audience segments who hate the movie review it. Definately different than the american blockbuster way. But interesting knowing that online reviews are one of the most important drivers to the box office.

Gotta love Sydney and Susan:

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