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The generous store

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Great sampling event by Anthon Berg.

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And cool social integration.

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Google Wallet is here… almost

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

So they announced it. They’re testing it in San Francisco. Basically it works with Near Field Communication (NFC). So you just… buy a coke, hold your phone over the sensor – and it withdraws the money from your Mastercard. Smart and easy. Can’t wait till it gets here. Read more on TechCrunch.


Why Starbucks is a success on social media and what the rest of us can learn from this…

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Yesterday, social media people from around the Danish kingdom gathered in our capital to get a taste of how the big guys from the land that gave us facebook and twitter brew their social media coffee. For two solid hours Matthew Guiste, Director of Global Social Media, Starbucks (US), showed us how you go from dating to having an actual relationship with your customers. With “My Starbucks Idea”, (, the company has taken user engagement to a new level and proven that asking your customers can lead to great product innovation, proud employees and most importantly devoted customers.

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This particular case is only one of several great initiatives from the coffeemaker who also had brand lovers from 156 countries singing all time Beatles favorite “All You Need Is Love” simultaneously online – check out the noticeably weird Danish contribution 2 min. into the video, which apparently the most views of all the countries:
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However, the big question yesterday was obviously how they’d managed to actually do this. Why do these initiatives become a success? How do you attract and keep 13.928.404 users on your facebook page? What is that secret recipe to actually making social media a brand success? We have books, blogs and newsletters full of pointers and checklists but everybody knows that it’s not enough. What I got from the seminar yesterday was this: A great idea is a good start, almost vital, however the real reason that Starbuck is a success on these platforms is because the entire organization wants this and that this desire to succeed is reflected in the resources allocated to every project. One example is the 40 employees from across the organization that spends 2 hours each week answering suggestions from users on “My Starbucks ideas”. Even more impressing, if it’s decided that an idea is good enough to carry out, the organization is actually able to get things rolling.

Most Danish marketers would immediately dismiss integrating a similar concept, due to lack of resources, i.e. money. This is a shame for two reasons: firstly, the monetary benefit of having loyal and active users is never really discussed or compared to the amount of money spent on paid online advertising. Secondly, companies often fail to accept that “resources” is also about getting management and employees involved and engaged, so that the voice of the company on either facebook or other platforms really is the lady in the counter or that guy in production, which makes the job very hard for marketing to carry out all on their own. So summing up, social media is mainly about two things: getting a great idea and  all round internal commitment!


VitaFresh Bosch – If SuperBest had these refrigerators, they would have no worries

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Cool case from Germany – they used packaged meat from prehistoric animals buy generic cialis 20mg and placed them in the supermarket shelf space…

The take-out naturally is that it is still fresh even after thousands of years… They used QR codes to give more information and tell the story. Pretty cool. Read the case here at ypsylon2.

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Style Avatars – H&M rocks online retail

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
In the mood for offline shopping

In the mood for offline shopping

Let me present My Virtual Model!

I 2007, online clothing sales climbed to the top of the With a 18.3 to 17.2 billion dollars score, Clothing even beat the old champ, Hardware and Software. Have a quick look at what’s going on in the online retail marketing field:

The pro’s and con’s of online clothes shopping seem clear: Consumers are driven by the low prices and the freedom of doing your shopping when you have the time to do it. At night, when your children have gone to bed and all the stores are closed, you can do you shopping.

So what are the barriers? Personally, I can think of three reasons for why I’m not buying clothes online. First of all, I have a hard time imagining how the clothes would look on me and how it would go with the rest of my wardrobe. Secondly, I’d be afraid to order sizes that don’t fit me. And thirdly, I’d miss the shopping experience of browsing stores.

In helping to overcome all three barriers, My Virtual Model seems like a great tool. It’s a virtual model of yourself, that you can dress with clothes from the cooperating retailers such as H&M, Addidas and Land’s End.

Id like to have shown you my own My Virtual model, but this blog has a hard time uploading my pictures, grrr!

I'd like to have shown you my own My Virtual model, but this blog has a hard time uploading my pictures, grrr!

Pro’s? Well, My Virtual model is highly adjustable. You can change more than 20 parameters from body shape and shoulder width to eye color and beard style. And, to perfect the illusion, you can even add your own face to your avatar. This helps me overcome the first two barriers, since it helps me imagine how I’d look wearing the clothes, and if it would fit me. And it gives me a real shopping feel.

It’s definately the best shopping avatar I’ve seen. I’d wish some more brands would join – maybe even giving me the opportunity of dressing My Virtual Model in Cheap Monday jeans, an Acne t-shirt and an H&M coat. If that would really happen, I know what I’d do:


// Jakob

Paris diaries 2 of 3: colette’s

Monday, October 8th, 2007

colette’s - the sign

colette’s is just a fabulous concept store. i’m not sure what they sell. you can definately buy clothes there, but also electronics, music, perfume, books, food and basically just a whole bunch of cool stuff.

colette’s - the window display

inside the store the thing that impresses me the most is their fantastic decor. they have really cool pictures on the wall and practically no hangers – all the clothes are on manequins. unfortunately no photography, but i snook a few. look at how they categorised their pictures – people with all striped shirts, all camuflage, etc…

colettes - the pictures

i love that store. here in cph we have storm – it seems that they stole their entire concept from colette’s but they don’t do it as well.


Paris diaries 1 of 3: Fantastic store fronts and displays

Monday, October 8th, 2007

hello all. i just got back from paris. and what a great city. i was just amazed by all the great store fronts and how much care and effort the parisians put into presenting their products to the is a fantastic ice cream store called myberry where the store front and the counter is actually in one piece…


Oliver’s and Co is an entire store dedicated to selling olive oil. And they do a fantastic job of giving the design a sort of old fashioned traditional flavour.

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Oliver’s and Co

and Bernard Magney – a whiskey store with a high polished all black store front. very cool.

Bernard Magney

le mouton noir – the black sheep with an all green front…hmmm

le mouton noir

fermob outdoor lounge – creates a very cool outstanding window display.

fermob outdoor lounge

and and and colette’s – what a great store. i’ll write more about this store in another post.


the final example is completely different. this was an outstanding restaurant my girlfriend and i ate in called the black calavados. the concept here is BLACK. the front is underbranded, simply stating bc in black. the interior is all black – high polish. the light is dim and there is a great loft painting remniscient of the sistene chapel. the menu is black the concept for the food is black – black aubergine, black sauce, black chocolate, black coffee, etc. they play quite loud rock n’ roll – not uncomfortably loud but definately not muzak. and its owned by chris cornell. fantastic…and extremely recomendable.

the black calavados

that’s it…


UNBRANDED UNDERPLAYED BRANDING – using the store as medium

Friday, September 28th, 2007

This was spotted in Tokyo and Beverly Hills.

A.P.C. – which is a french clothing label with stores around the world acts in a superior way. A.P.C. has understood the importance of using the store as prevailing medium. The Tokyo store as communication weapon directs attention towards their target audience – younger people. A general insight towards this segment, is grounded in their ad-resistent, curios mindset and aim for being mentally stimulated and challenged.



Thus, the frontage of the store in Tokyo is unbranded (The A.P.C. logo is engraved in the floor), which naturally teases the “viewer” – but, again it´s decisive, that the experience inside the store fully fulfills expectations. The internal communication and products needs to be aligned with expectations, which in sum will make the brand appear superior. However, it should be said that using the store as medium in such a way, is only possible in case you have a well-established brand with clear insight on your brand passengers. Pradas store (picture below) in Beverly Hills is another example of UNBRANDED UNDERPLAYED BRANDING.