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Copenhipster – who’s behind?

Yesterday some friends mentioned this blog  Copenhipster – I don’t know what to think… is it too much to make fun of certain artists, designers and others who actually add to cultural life or is it fun and okay? Mainly because it’s not Vibskov and the rest of the crowd they are making fun of, instead who is really being ridiculed are all the laggards including me who follow a few in terms of fashion, likes etc. but still feel oh so individualistic?

And why is the person/people behind staying anonymous?  It’s pretty clear when you read the blog that it is someone who knows the socalled hipster crowd, someone who go to the same clubs, bars, places, If not, this person must have serious stalker issues… my friends were split too: Some of them thought of the blog as an expression of an envious outsider. Others felt amused eventhough they or some of their friends were also exposed.

One thought: What if it is actually a commercial company who is behind just proving how they are able to tap into a certain crowd, then they’re goooooooood – they certainly managed to become the talk of the town at the dinner yesterday!

From the blog:

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3 Responses to “Copenhipster – who’s behind?”

  1. Alexander Says:

    It’s actually not that hard finding out who’s behind the blog ;)

  2. Thor Says:

    Jeg ville sætte pris på, hvis du fjernede mig navn fra kommentarerne i nedenstående artikel. Jeg har intet med det site at gøre. Det er en misforståelse som jeg efterhånden er nødt til at affeje hver dag… pisse irriterende!

  3. Kristian Baek Says:

    Rumor has it that the man behind Copenhipster is XXX (name deleted on request of XXX:-) – check out the threads –

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