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Black City Totem – Innovative packaging for Mathew Dear

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Hey – The good mr. Andreas Møller just diverted my attention to this article on Very cool.

Quote Coolhunting: “For the release of Matthew Dear’s latest album, Black City, his label decided to take a slightly more inventive approach to packaging. Teaming up with award-winning design firm BoymGhostly International will release an ominous-looking totem, inscribed with a unique four-character code that accesses a download and stream of the full digital album, as well as an exclusive track.

The Black City mini-sculptures, described as “skyscrapers that might populate Dear’s creeping, nameless city,” references the Boym Buildings of Disaster, a series that darkly riffs on the object-history of architecture. Known for their clever takes on everyday objects, by leaving the surface of the hand-cast aluminum totem almost completely blank, the designers leave the real meaning up to its owner.”


Roskilde Festival 2010

Monday, July 5th, 2010

So it’s all over now and all that is left is echoes of the music in the form of static hiss in the ears. Great festival. Not the best program, but very good concerts from Alice In Chains, Them Crooked Vultures (perhaps the best of the festival), Möterhead, Kasabian, Beachhouse, LCD Soundsystem (from a-very-far – now that’s a lot of people in a small tent) and Kissaway Trail (Our very own X Sessioneers). Much to my regret, I missed Robyn, Die Antwoord and Dirty Projectors, because of conflicting concerts. National were excellent. Pavement were decent. Titus Andronicus was a bit of a dissapointment… Prince was ridiculous – he actually wore a jumpsuit – Elvis style and with a picture of Elvis on it. No song played in at under 15 minutes, with at least 4 solo’s, gospel choir call and response… in every fucking song. But that boy can play – gotta give him that.

I kind of missed more digital stuff this year – maybe a bit of programming and maybe I was just in a rocky mood. I also missed a big metal name. Meshuggah and The Kandidate were OK.

See ya next year.


Chimes & Bells at Copenhagen X Session

Friday, June 18th, 2010

The fantastic band Chimes & Bells are released as this week’s X Session. It sounds outrageously cool. Download the free tracks

YouTube Preview Image


Copenhagen X Sessions – by Sony Ericsson

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

MEC in Copenhagen has developed a concept for Sony Ericsson we call The Copenhagen X Sessions. X because it is for Sony Ericsson’s Xperia platform, the X10 model for starters, and Sessions because we gathered the cream of the Danish upcoming music scene and recorded a string of music and video sessions with them. The concept is ultra high quality in artist, performance, music and video – totally free for download. A new type of concept where the company – in this case Sony Ericsson acts like a record company except… we made it free. It benefits the musicians – who are paid and a platform and free recording/video and the brand Sony Ericsson – because they are associated with music and provides content to their target audience and phones, which should generate sales, buzz and loyalty. Everybody wins. Quite simply. The first sessions to be released are from the excellent danish bands – I Got you on Tape, Giana Factory and Sleep Party People.

The sessions are recorded and produced at Black Tornado Studios in Copenhagen, by Mikkel Max and Ebbe Frey – both previously in Epo555 and all video art was done by Michael Voight from Good Boy Creative. Here is a behind the scenes clip from yesterday, when one of the last sessions were recorded with the band Cody – indie, folky, post rocky country – excellent stuff. I apologize for the non HD quality, but it was recorded with the X10:-)

YouTube Preview Image

Check out the website – it rocks. Enjoy.