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Next wave of Branded Utility has landed – Nike+ and Adidas Social football boots

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

The great Herminator just showed me this. Don’y know how I missed it. Really cool stuff from both Adidas and Nike. So Adidas are launching a football boot that will gather info on your game og practice session. As soon as you have finished playing, the boots will transmit the data wirelessly to your computer, phone or tablet. It records your speed, distance traveled and top speeds as well as monitoring everything you do at one second intervals. For more detail check out Simplyzesty.

And Nike to their Nike+ to a new level adding more sensors and more stuff you can measure.

I basketball shoes, the sport sensor uses pressure data in combination with an accelerometer to calculate your movement, that way Nike+ Sports Sensor can measure how high your vertical jump is, how fast you’re moving and how hard you’re working all in real time.

YouTube Preview Image

You can see more stuff on Gizmodo.

This is really cool. I’m stoked and will start playing both football and basketball immediately.


Nike – just eat it!

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Just had lunch otherwise this would be the perfect sandwich. It’s the Swedish designer Olle Hemmendorf who was asked to make a spin off of Nike’s Air Max 90. This is what Hemmendorf says on his website:

‘In the tradition of material innovation of AM 90, i constructed a running shoe using the most powerful, must durable and most delicious material known to man: hamburger.’

And I say:  Just eat it! Btw credits to the Cover blog a darker view where I saw the fashionable burger.

/ iben

Write the Future

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

From Viberen to Rooney. New Nike spot. Pretty cool. Not quite as cool as the older one with the Eagles of Death Metal soundtrack – good storytelling though – maybe with some better music.  Cheers for the heads up Herm.

YouTube Preview Image


Nike Music Shoe

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Don’t know what this is. But it is obviously conceived in Japan by some very hip Japanese kids. And I do like Nike, as you may have guessed. You can download the track here is you like it.

YouTube Preview Image

Thank to Mr. Willer from Naked for Tweeting this to my attention.