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Indie Metal – Marnie Stern

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

While we wait for more X Sessions. They will return next week. I’ll share this artist which I just discovered. Marnie Stern… an American Indie Metal artist. Sounds like a contradiction. Yes! Is it? Well yes. It sounds like Arcade Fire meets Iron Maidon. Pretty? If you like Arcade Fire and Iron Maiden – you should love it. Otherwise, check out this video before you hit up iTunes.


YouTube Preview Image


Cool X10 site by Arthur Schlovsky

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Our brothers in France, Arthur Schlovsky created a pretty cool microsite for Sony Ericssons Xperia X10 – check it out.

I like the way the bits inteact with the analog – totally digital vinyl:-) Not as cool as the Copenhagen X Sessions though. But hey what is??? We just launched the Oh No Ono session today… its a doosie.

If you like Arthur Schlovsky’s solution, lend them your vote at FWA, after you vote for the X Sessions:-) –


Copenhagen X Sessions – by Sony Ericsson

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

MEC in Copenhagen has developed a concept for Sony Ericsson we call The Copenhagen X Sessions. X because it is for Sony Ericsson’s Xperia platform, the X10 model for starters, and Sessions because we gathered the cream of the Danish upcoming music scene and recorded a string of music and video sessions with them. The concept is ultra high quality in artist, performance, music and video – totally free for download. A new type of concept where the company – in this case Sony Ericsson acts like a record company except… we made it free. It benefits the musicians – who are paid and a platform and free recording/video and the brand Sony Ericsson – because they are associated with music and provides content to their target audience and phones, which should generate sales, buzz and loyalty. Everybody wins. Quite simply. The first sessions to be released are from the excellent danish bands – I Got you on Tape, Giana Factory and Sleep Party People.

The sessions are recorded and produced at Black Tornado Studios in Copenhagen, by Mikkel Max and Ebbe Frey – both previously in Epo555 and all video art was done by Michael Voight from Good Boy Creative. Here is a behind the scenes clip from yesterday, when one of the last sessions were recorded with the band Cody – indie, folky, post rocky country – excellent stuff. I apologize for the non HD quality, but it was recorded with the X10:-)

YouTube Preview Image

Check out the website – it rocks. Enjoy.