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The Truths About Twitter

Check this out – it’s from an amazing site: Information is Beautiful

For the lazy reader or just more visually oriented reader this site transforms ideas and knowledge into beautiful visualizations like the one below.

/ iben

9 Responses to “The Truths About Twitter”

  1. M Tan Says:

    LOVE the way it was presented. but how come the numbers don’t add up to 100 ?

  2. Iben Says:

    you’re absolutely right.
    it’s kind of a shame it’s not more accurate.
    however, i still thinks that it’s a wonderful way of illustrating stuff.


  3. » Blog Archive » links for 2009-09-07 Says:

    [...] The Truths About Twitter – in graphs (quite funny) (tags: twitter visualisation statistics) [...]

  4. Kristian Baek Says:

    David McCandless originally posted this – he aknowledges the schoolboy mistakes and he states on twitter that: grey people = not dead, non-lazy, not many followers, softly spoken :)

    Check out the string on twitter:


  5. Goody Says:

    it does add up to 100. Of the 100, 20 fall into the dead and 50 fall into the lazy. Of the remaining 30, only 5 have more than 100 followers (as I assume dead/lazy do not have >100 followers,) and 5 of those remaining 30 generate 75% of the tweets.

    M Tan – The remaining 20 that you perceive as not added up (shown here in gray) are the average users that do not fall into any of the particular category. They tweet more than once per week, but not enough to fall into the “loud mouth category…basically, the “missing” 20% are the active users who don’t just get on and spam.

  6. Iben Says:

    @Goody, it really does add up now.
    so thanks for the clarification!

    / iben

  7. mimetismo Says:

    What is Twitter and How Can I Use Twitter?

  8. melatoninTechy Says:

    i just love Twittering compared to blogging. i was a blog addict and now i am a Twitter addict.

  9. Belle Retka Says:

    Howdy. good job. My partner and i would never anticipate this blogs on a Fri.

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