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Hitler hates the iPad

Just saw a bunch of funny iPad reviews featuring no other than Hitler. Thanks to Kim Saxberg for showing me these. Hillarious.

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5 Responses to “Hitler hates the iPad”

  1. Antone Spiller Says:

    I cannot wait for the iPad

  2. Tracey Keas Says:

    Test & Keep your iPad for Free of cost! ->

  3. iPad Forum Says:

    im loving the ipad personally. what do you think of it now? was it upto your standards?

  4. Kristian Baek Says:

    I haven’t tried it yet. I saw it in live action though. I looks awesome. I’m beginning to think that is is indeed another game changer. But I gotta get my hands on one. Just the stats alone. 500.000 sold in one week. One million apps downloaded in one day. 3500 unique iPad apps after one week. 650.000 books sold after three days.

  5. Karen Gilmore Says:

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